Payfees is the core operations software for school management. We are early stage. One full time programmer , one full time marketer . Our goal is to create the ultimate school management system for schools and all other stakeholders in education.

Job Description and Requirements: 

HI , am looking for a CEO to help me grow my company . Payfees is a platform that brings together school management and payment integration.
We are a very young company looking to break into the South East Asian market but to do that we need to find the missing piece. We need a CEO and a co founder to make this a reality . I am willing to split the company 50/50 if you are willing to make this a big brand in south east asia. contact me on whatsapp as well if you want to know more about our application or check out our website .
Thank you for reading.

Job Type: 
Full Time
Closing date: 
Dec 31 2017