Research Engineer

EnergyNova Pte Ltd

We design and manufacture long-lasting, hydrogen-based batteries that can be used in a wide range of consumer applications. From supporting up to 4 hours of drone flights that maximize your drone flying experience, to off-grid usage where you have no access to power plugs to recharge whatever devices you have. Furthermore, the unique properties of our hydrogen fuel ensure that our batteries can still operate even after long term storage of more than 5 years, ideal as a backup power source for emergency situations. Our batteries neither contains heavy metals or toxic chemicals nor combustible upon exposure to the environment, making it safe for you to bring it with you on your next nature exploration.

Job Description and Requirements: 


Bachelor’s degree in electrical/computer engineering or equivalent.
Able to independently design, fabricate, troubleshoot, and operate electronic circuits for control and data-logging.
Knowledge in data acquisition, instrument control, circuits and systems, Micro-controller, C/C++ and LabView is a must.
Knowledge in any of the areas: power electronics, embedded systems or telemetry would be highly advantageous.
Having demonstrated prior experience or competency in hardware hacking would be highly advantageous.
Basic research background, particularly in the areas of conventional or flow batteries or fuel cells is advantageous.


Provide support to the team in the area of instrument control, data logging and embedded systems.
Assist the team in conducting experiments, system level testing and field testing of fuel cells, fuel & oxidant storage and flow batteries.
Good skills in oral & written communication and ability to present technical subjects clearly in team meetings and reviews.

Job Type: 
Full Time
3500 to 5000
Closing date: 
Feb 28 2018